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ckarate shoes people. Rather than flowers everyone requests that donations be made

Bernice mabel orr the nike jordans granger http://www.ckarate.com/air-jordan-shoes/air-jordan-6.html She was preceeded in death by her beloved boyfriend, hartford granger;Daughter, mavis scheffler from clinton mo;Robert orr related www.ckarate.com with biloxi;James orr and her single mom. She is lived through by her sister amy smith, warm and friendly hills, california;Eye heinrich of biloxi, master of science;Winnie whitehurst, gautier, master of science;Dean orr, billy orr, tommy orr that biloxi;In addition, earl davis orr of harahan, los angeles. She is also survived by her little ones, desiree jordan knutson of clarksville tn, iris michael the air nike jordans gerken of houston texas, youngster in law steven gerken, and grand kids megan jackson, bill jackson, katherine nike air nike test(Katy)Gerken and louise granger. Bernice lived her life appliance obstacles with dignity and grace.She was an active member for pretty much 40 years in ivy memorial baptist church where she was a member of mary martha sunday school and the hall davis circle of the wmu.She was also a person in the moose club.She retired from piccadilly cafeterias after 21 years and services information in 1998.Her strong work ethic and kind manner won her the friendship and respect of lots of ckarate shoes people. Rather than flowers, everyone requests that donations be made either to ivy memorial's helping http://www.ckarate.com/nike-air-force-one.html hands family ministry, where she was earth's most active member, 2200 coliseum operate, hampton va 23666 or asera care hospital, 1539 c ashland city get away from, clarksville, tn 37040.




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